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Being human

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Being human

I am human. You are human.

Having emotions in normal. So normal in fact that all types of emotions must be felt.

“I don’t want to get upset in front of…”

“I don’t want to embarrass myself…”

“I don’t want to get angry in case…”

“I am sad but don’t want to burden anyone…”

I could go on, but I reckon you get the picture – yes?

Sometimes holding in emotions or ignoring them is worse than focusing on them. They can fester and turn into something else.

Being happy is an emotion – and we often show that.

Being elated is also an emotion – but again we will show that…but I also know of some people who don’t show that feeling as it could upset someone. Gosh we are a tricky species!

What if we all showed our emotions openly? What could happen? I reckon the world would be a better place that’s for sure.

Want someone to blame? Lets blame the Victorian era where emotions were hidden and frowned upon. That era was only 115 years ago and generations past have passed this shit on even to this day.

Stiff upper lip and all that. Not showing weakness in having emotion. Showing restraint when it comes to anything that could effect us. Blame the Victorian schools (even schools to this day) for the discipline and corporal punishment. On a slightly side note…our school system is still based on 19th century Prussian ruling. We need to update that shit. Hmmmm.

So back to the point.

You are human. I am human. Emotions are normal.

How to deal with them? I suppose as a start…I’d suggest ‘awareness’. Being aware that you are feeling that emotion. Then recognising how resourceful it would be by sitting in that emotion for a long period.

I am not saying to NOT experience it – I am suggesting that you still experience it…but perhaps for a limited time. Say 9am on a Sunday morning for 20 mins, or on the drive to work…I know someone who lets all her frustration out on this big hill on her drive to work (she screams…with the windows up mind you…) and she feels like she has let it all out.

Do what works for you… I have people in my boxing sessions who rip up their frustration on the pads and feel great after. I am totally one of those people who have an adult tanty! Not often but it happens and its ok! LET IT OUT!

Experience it and be ok with it…and then move on.

Don’t sit in it and play the victim. Gosh thats an easy one isn’t it? I even wrote an ebook on it. I am not going there today… but if you want it emailed to you. Click the link.

So human, what are you going to do today?

Emma xx

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