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The language of breath

The language of breath. Since my course last week on meditation and breathwork – I have tuned into people’s language on this. Let me give you a few examples; I need to catch my breath.I need space to breathe.I need the room to breathe.I need breathing space.I need breathing room.Let me just breathe for a…
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While I have been away on my teacher meditation course, I have delved further into Polyvagal Theory. (Anyone interested? Go Google…bloody fantastic!) Something the theory talks about is coregulation…so let’s delve into it! Why? Cos’ it’s flipping relevant. So, my friend – what is coregulation? Most of you are already doing it, and I am…
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The road to meditation part 3

So you have been noticing your patterns and are starting to be aware of what you’re doing. Great. You have also started to focus and again be aware of your breathing. Read part 1 and 2 of this blog HERE. But we haven’t reached being able to meditate…just yet. But, if you do feel you…
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The road to meditation part #2

Part one here… So, in the last blog, I spoke about ‘noticing’… here’s an excerpt: Notice what you do/say/react/cope with stressful moments. Notice without judgement – knowing that you are human and this is occurring due to a natural response to keep you ALIVE. So, I am guessing that you have been NOTICING your reaction…
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Meditation won’t work for you

Meditation won’t work for you. Being a strong advocate for meditation, why am I telling you it won’t work for you? Well, my friend – I think we should chat about your mind’s responses to fear/stress first. Think ‘cave man’. Think about how as a caveman/woman how your biggest focus was to stay alive every…
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Re-write your story

I talk about this a lot with my friends. I’m so lucky that I have people around me that are open to this. And when I say ‘this’…I mean the stories we tell ourselves. Because essentially we tell ourselves stories all the time. It’s kinda like a narrative of why we can/can’t do something, and…
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Lessons in detachment

Lessons in detachment Leading on from this week’s blog on surrender, I mentioned detaching from the outcome. If you haven’t read it yet – please head there now. Then come back to this one. 🙂 So we need to surrender, let the F go and allow all that is coming to us. You get that,…
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Letting go

The art of letting go – the Emma version. This term is thrown around a fair bit in the spiritual world. Let go and surrender. And, I’ll be honest. I thought at first that this was utter BS. Why on earth would you let go when you wanted something so bad? Surely the action creates…
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The Law of Assumption

The law of assumption is the means by which the fulfilment of your desires may be realised. What does this mean? Every moment of your life, consciously or unconsciously – you are assuming a feeling. You can no more avoid assuming a feeling that you avoid eating or drinking. All you can do is control…
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All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed

“All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed. You must want to be different (and intend to be) before you can begin to change yourself. Then you must make your future dream a present fact. You do this by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. By desiring to be other than…
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