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I forgot

I’m totes ok with putting my hand up and saying I am far from perfect. Imperfectly perfect I call myself actually. This last week I didn’t do my usual daily rituals. *what are they? I’ll tell you at the end of the post* This last week I was out of routine. This last week I…
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Chasing happiness

Please note: this is a personal opinion. I often wrong in my thinking and I am happy to debate this subject if you are keen 😉 A common thing people are searching for is to be ‘happy’. Is that really ALL we are looking for? A feeling? Are we moving through this life searching for…
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Roll over.

Hearing the alarm and rolling over with a sigh. That slow recognition that its morning and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all. I can hear the familiar sounds of the house and the birds starting to sing. I feel that heavy body feeling and I sink deeper into my blankets. This aches. That…
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Make your own path

So I have a sign at my place that says ‘Make your own path’. Its been on my shelf for about 12 months now. Its funny that sometimes you don’t notice something that has been staring at you for a long time hey? Its also funny that in theory these kind of motivational sayings are…
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Perception or reality?

Actions speak louder than words. A quote that I believe is a great one. Wouldn’t you agree? Actions do indeed speak volumes. We can say that we are gonna do shit, but unless we take ACTION then whats the point? But what if your perception of action was skewed? Lets have a quick chat about…
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Why. Not how.

How do I do that thing? How do I achieve that result? How do I become…? How do I…? What are the steps to…? What are the secrets to…? What do I do to…? Sound familiar? Why isn’t this working for you? You collect all that information. All those books. Watch the videos. Purchase the…
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I am over you.

I am over your whining, whinging and blaming. I am over your finger pointing. I am over you. That was what I said to myself not so many years ago. Years ago, about 8 or 9 I think – and I can only judge this from my Facebook timeline reminders… I was playing the role…
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There are lessons to be learnt absolutely everywhere, I think you would agree. I won’t go into what kinds of lessons in today’s post – but its interesting what kind of lessons are learnt when you feel that you can’t control a thing about a certain issue. Recently I have dealt with people being incredibly…
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Your story

People are interested in stories. They are interested in the stuff that you have gone through for you to get where you are today. They like to compare… ‘Could I have done that?’ ‘What would I have done in that situation?’ ‘Is that the way I would have seen it?’. Of course, most of this…
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Pretty much every year I play an April Fools trick (or sometimes more than one!). I consider myself to still have a lot of childlike qualities and joking around is at the top of my list. In the past I have set up some amazing tricks (especially when I worked in an office, because clearly…
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