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Give up.

I give up. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I am tired. Do these words sound familiar? Gosh they sound really familiar to me. I used to say them on repeat. Day in and day out. It was like a tape was playing in my head on repeat. I started to…
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You are not special.

I have a problem with you having a problem. You see, I am a ‘fixer’. I am one of those people who like to ‘fix’ people, help people and be a support to them. I feel guilty if I can’t help them and find it hard to ignore plights that I see/hear. And as I…
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I am not worthy.

You say it. I say it. Your parents say it. Your friends say it. Your kids say it. Okay – they may not physically say it. But mentally, for sure. Think about it. The question of worthiness will come up throughout the day, week, month and year. And most of us don’t recognise that voice…
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So here in Australia the weather has changed to Autumn. Its a funny country… it doesn’t gradually get cooler or warmer when there is a change in seasons. It suddenly drops 10 degrees overnight and suddenly the leaves are red within a matter of days (hours it seems). Then the opposite happens in Summer. 15…
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Faffing around.

I am not perfect. I don’t claim to be either. In fact I am so not perfect I can’t even get this ‘daily’ blog thing right. I told myself that I would write daily – why? Because I do love to write! Gosh I am loving this already…! I also wanted to write daily to…
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Kids. What kind of role model are you?

Yes yes kids are cute, kids say funny shit and yes kids are mini-me’s. Its the last bit I think a lot of adults forget. Kids model off what they see, hear, feel and ultimately believe. Its a simple thing – they will COPY. They may not do it straight away – but they will…
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So the last few weeks have been a little cray cray with the book coming out and I expect this to continue for a while yet. So keep your seat belt on peeps! Throughout moments during my day (usually after a swim or after spending time in nature) words pop into my head. So today’s…
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Its the basics.

I reckon we adults are still just like children. Essentially we come down to the basics when there is something wrong. When I say something ‘wrong’ in today’s post, I mean feeling cranky, overwhelmed, off-centre or just plain blaaaah. Like a baby we should still check-in with whats going on with us before delving in…
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I don’t believe in positive thinking.

Its true. Its a load of BS. “Oh if you just think positively everything will be ok…” “Just put it out to the universe and positive things will happen…” Yep I am a life coach – yet I believe all this positive thinking is CRAP. Its like saying “There is no truck, no truck, no…
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What do you believe?

Hey there Did you know I believe in you? I believe in your hopes and dreams. I believe in your potential. I believe in your fears. I believe in your talents. I believe in you. But you know what? I think you may have forgotten that you have potential. And that’s ok, because you can…
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