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Rapid Transformational Therapy - Hypnotherapy

Maybe you weren’t Cleopatra

*Maybe you weren’t Cleopatra* When I talk to most people about past lives, they often jump to having a past life of someone famous or important. And of course, this is totally possible – yet for the most part…the majority of people who have had sessions with me have ‘normal’ lives.  And yes, these everyday…
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Releasing 2021 – Workshop recording

I ran this workshop on 28/12/21 via Messenger. So I did an audio recording of it to share! Listen along and print out the downloadables here: Releasing 2021 downloads

My story with past life regression

It wasn’t that long ago I was a total sceptic when it came to past lives and all things spiritual. Only a few years, really – but in a short amount of time, I was thrown headfirst into the fray! I suddenly got two psychic clients and kept accidentally finding myself in places/situations where I…
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Why you won’t do the work

Well… the name ‘work’ sounds yuck already, doesn’t it? But I think you’ll agree that work is hard. Or at least we have been conditioned to think so. Work is hard.Work is tough. And so, by the word ‘work’. What do you think I mean? The emotional work. The stuff we don’t want to do/face/attend…
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You love the pattern of your life

You love the pattern of your life. Weird statement, I know. You love the pattern of your life? Well, my friend…I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you flippin’ love the patterns of your life. And yes, even the shitty ones. Allow me to explain; your habits, behaviours, thoughts or feelings create…
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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT): An Emerging Non-invasive Therapeutic Modality – Article now online

People think that Hypnotherapists are for people that want to Stop Smoking. In fact, I don’t get that many requests for that! I see people for a huge range of issues. This week one of my clients came to me for pain. They have been in physical pain for 20 years. Consciously, she felt she…
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Healing your inner child part 2

Part of healing your inner child can be done through writing, as you know (if you have been following me for a while) that I absolutely love journalling. Writing out your feelings, issues or ideas/goals is incredibly therapeutic. The same goes for speaking to the younger version of yourself. For some people, visualisation of your…
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Healing the inner child – symptoms

One of the awesome tools I use with clients in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is around healing the inner child. When we use this in a session, it’s incredibly healing and transformative. My clients love the process and continue to use it well after our sessions. You may have heard about healing the inner child…
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*New Kids On The Block* – Step by Step (ooooh baby!)

*New Kids On The Block* – Step by Step (ooooh baby!) I have no shame in admitting that in the early years of my life, I was swept up in the NKOTB craze. Those five boys from Boston (I bet you say ‘Boston’ as I do in my head?) set emotions off and I was…
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No story. I just stopped.

Sometimes there isn’t a story behind why you are not doing something. What does this mean? Well, allow me to use myself as today’s example. For a good few months, I haven’t been journaling as much as I was (daily was my norm), and I would also write blogs, ebooks and was on the road…
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