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Transformational Coaching

Letting go

The art of letting go – the Emma version. This term is thrown around a fair bit in the spiritual world. Let go and surrender. And, I’ll be honest. I thought at first that this was utter BS. Why on earth would you let go when you wanted something so bad? Surely the action creates…
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New book 2020 is a Shitshow

Well! What a year! And we are still in it! Introducing my new eBook ‘2020 is a Shitshow – let’s get through it’. I wrote this book after coaching so many people this year and watching what is happening in the world. In a year, we all never planned for – this book will give…
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Confessions of an author

I hover over the ‘publish’ button EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell people about a new project/book. I think to myself ‘WHY THE FUCK?’ would someone want to read this?  I think to myself ‘Surely I’ll be caught out this time…for being a fake writer’. I think to myself ‘People will see through me and will…
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