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Rapid Transformational Therapy - Hypnotherapy

The click

Do you ever feel a ‘click’ in your mind and body when you just ‘decide’ that something needs to change or WILL change? No? Ok, keep reading…I think you might benefit from reading this blog. I had this click over the weekend. It was like something in my body fell into place – and so…
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What is it to live intentionally? How do you live with intention? 

What is it to live intentionally? How do you live with intention?  Cos’ this is something I have consciously been working on for several years now…and it bloomin’ works! What is living with ‘intention’? And why am I even asking the question? It’s easy to say that you can live with intention – but what…
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The duck f*ckers – How I got a bad book review and how it helped me realise how brave I am

The duck f*ckers – How I got a bad book review and how it helped me realise how brave I am. (Amongst other things) Allow me to explain.  I started writing books around 6/7 years ago as I had a lot to say, and books were the easiest way to get the message out there.…
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Get the f*ck over yourself

Taken from chapter one of my book ‘Get the f*ck over yourself’ – click here to purchase. What the heck are you talkin’ about?  “Get over yourself.”  “Are you over it yet?”  “Jeez, why don’t you move past this and get over it?”  “For f*ck’s sake! Get over it!”  “Get. The. F*ck. Over. Yourself.”  Okay, peeps,…
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Negative thinking – 5 ways to influence your thoughts

Negative thinking – 5 ways to influence your thoughts “What the head repeats, the heart wants to heal…” I don’t know where I heard this saying. But it was only recently, and when I heard it – it hit me hard. Those looping thoughts going around and around your head all day about the same…
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Above the line thinking

Have you ever thought to yourself that perhaps there are two schools of thought when it comes to thinking? Maybe even two different types of people? When the shit hits the fan, how do you react? Do you react the same as your friend or a family member? So for people, when there is stress……
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Tweak, then tweak some more

As I journaled this morning, I realised (again) that I truly believe my own bullshit. I know. I know. I must talk about this often. And guess what? If you are resonating with this already…you probably do too. Our mind takes no sides. It tells stories, and for the most part, these are make-believe. And…
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The attention

Attention, attention – this blog is about getting attention To some extent, we are all wired to want attention and validation. So it’s important to understand that some attention-seeking behaviour can be thought of as an understandable need for validation or a cry for help. For example, most attention-seeking behaviours in children, especially young children,…
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Self-Care, back to basics – water

When I started this blog, I thought to myself, ‘have I written about this before?’. So I went to my blog page and searched for ‘basics’…. and yes, sure enough – there was a lot! I did kinda feel like I was repeating myself on the ol’ self-care chat. But that’s the point, isn’t it?…
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Your life compass

In which direction are you heading? Do you even know? Swimming around in indecision is exhausting and let’s be honest, you can just find yourself swimming in circles. But, I am so unsure about where I’m going, Emma!  Ok, ok, I get it.  So how do you eat an elephant?  Yep, weirdo question alert.  You…
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