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The guilts. We all get them at some level, don’t we? Entrepreneur guilt is especially common among business owners, and while it’s nice to know we’re not alone (and we are so not alone), it’s not so helpful, right? Guilt makes us feel like crap. It makes us feel not worthy. You get it. All is not lost,…
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*New Kids On The Block* – Step by Step (ooooh baby!)

I have no shame in admitting that in the early years of my life, I was swept up in the NKOTB craze. Those five boys from Boston (I bet you say ‘Boston’ as I do in my head?) set emotions off and I was hooked by the dancing, their good looks and those catchy sound…
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Confessions of an author

I hover over the ‘publish’ button EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell people about a new project/book. I think to myself ‘WHY THE FUCK?’ would someone want to read this?  I think to myself ‘Surely I’ll be caught out this time…for being a fake writer’. I think to myself ‘People will see through me and will…
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A decade in business – my story and how I did it.

This week I am officially ten years in small business! One decade! So today’s blog is a bit of my story and the HOW behind my success. If I look back, the journey has been nearly 18 years. How can that be when I clearly look 21? Weird, I know… Yes, I have always done…
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Meditation is the new hustle

At the beginning of a new month, I always reflect on the past one. I look back at the lessons and the experiences and often ‘journal’ this out as part of the process. There is no special secret to this, I just look back at my diary (and facebook posts actually)…and write out what I did,…
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Why ignoring the ever-changing dynamics of the internet will leave you behind your competitors

No one wants to be left behind, do they? We can bitch and whine about the internet changing our lives. We can bitch and whine about the fact that social media has changed how we communicate. Yes. We can do that. Or we can do something else entirely. We can embrace it all. To be…
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Use the Messenger platform to connect to your customers and free up your time

Communicating quickly with your customers and also freeing up your time sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? You know you need to talk to them and give them answers fast (as we know they will think subconsciously that you have ignored them, even though its 9 pm on a Sunday). You also don’t want to…
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How you can become the expert by writing an eBook – part 1

Gosh, where do I start with this one? It’s one tool I have been shouting about for quite a while as it’s so fucking easy to do! Before I get too excited, let me answer the questions that may be already popping up as soon as you thought ‘I have to write a book?’… Q.…
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Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 2

Part 1 is here: https://emmaqueen.com.au/create-value-build-trust-with-your-clients-part-1/ Leading on from yesterday’s post… How do you create value?  Well, it’s lucky I wrote you a list, hey?  1. WOW your clients!  I remember a few years ago I joined an organisation’s course and unexpectedly I received a parcel in the mail with heaps of goodies! There were books,…
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Create Value & Build Trust with your clients – Part 1

‘Trust needs to built’ wouldn’t you agree? So, how do you build trust when there are seemingly a gazillion other businesses trying to sell their shit ‘out there’? You may feel lost and unheard…don’t worry…I’ve been there. And it can be fucking lonely. I agree. Yet. It’s totally doable! Think about how you build trust…
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