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Give up.

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Give up.

I give up.

I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

I am tired.

Do these words sound familiar?

Gosh they sound really familiar to me. I used to say them on repeat.

Day in and day out. It was like a tape was playing in my head on repeat.

I started to believe the words. It was like a mantra.

Even typing these words makes me feel tired these days.

What changed?

I realised I have the power.

I have the power to change the tape.

I have the power to ‘feel’ what I want to ‘feel’. No-one else has this power over me. No-one can ‘make’ me feel a certain way. I do all of that.

I took responsibility for myself and my feelings.

That feeling of gaining control? That made me feel light. Like a weight was lifted from me.

I no longer felt tired. I no longer got sick in fact.

I stopped saying that I give up.

Life was lighter. The world was brighter.

You have the power too you know? You have just forgotten.

Sometimes we need reminding of things. And thats ok.

I just reminded you.

Off you go.

Emma xx

I have space for two new 1:1 clients starting next week for 4 weeks. You know you want the accountability and you know that you can do more with what you have got. I am pumped to work with you to achieve that! Whats stopping you? The cost will be only $599 for the four weeks and you get access to ME daily online and also 1:1 on the phone/skype every week.

I have a coach and a mentor and without their support/ideas/accountability I would probs be going around in circles whinging about what I can’t do on Mondays. See the Facebook post on making Monday your bitch if you want to know more. #makemondaymybitch

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