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I have your back.

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I have your back.

I got your back.

Have you ever thought about who has your back?

Who stands by you and supports you?

Who encourages and loves you?

I often talk about the 5 people around you. You are the average of the 5 of them. You are the average age, income, number of kids, size and other things. Look around you – are you the average of your group? Read here for more on that one as I don’t wanna repeat myself!

Its been fascinating this week with the release of the book. I have had heaps of messages and calls from people who have not only congratulated me, but also said that they have bought the book and can’t wait to read it. That’s awesome and I am stoked with the success so far (yes I know it will continue too!) and I thank you all!!! …but the REALLY fascinating part is the people who I thought would support me actually haven’t even mentioned it. Its actually nearly entertaining to see what people are doing.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not upset at them or overly bothered…I just find it very interesting.

Its made me even clearer on who my people are, who will be there when I need a hand (I am far from perfect remember!) and who my Ra-Ra team are. I am all good with it. 😉

The point of today’s blog is…who you think may have your back…do they really?

Those fake friendships, fake promises and half-hearted words.

Maybe its time to let them go with love.

This isn’t a competition.

This isn’t give and take.

Let them go with love and know that they are not in your life for YOUR good.

Ensure you have a great support team around you. When times are tough (and when they are great too!) they will help you, lift you, support you and love you. And you do the same for them. Just remember that if they continually have to drain you of your energy…maybe its time to reassess. And that’s ok too.

If you feel like you don’t want to burden your people, get a coach or see someone professionally. The bonus about me being your coach is that whilst I may let you wallow for a bit, I will point out your bullshit and push you to be your best. Be your better self. For your own good. For the good of the people around you.

Need a hand? Gimme a yell

Emma xx

Expert in getting sh*t done, author, mentor, coach & mum



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