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There are lessons to be learnt absolutely everywhere, I think you would agree.

I won’t go into what kinds of lessons in today’s post – but its interesting what kind of lessons are learnt when you feel that you can’t control a thing about a certain issue.

Recently I have dealt with people being incredibly unkind to me and my daughter (trying to explain this to her is another story). Being unkind in a very unjust manner and also inappropriate. For no reason. Thats right – for no actual reason. The only reason I can come up with is, that we were in their vicinity.

What to do? Do you lash back? Do you retaliate? Do you get upset?

It was a bit tough I’ll be honest. In saying that I am proud to have kept my cool and the thought that I hadn’t done anything wrong kept me calm.

I didn’t come down to their level. I didn’t speak back. I didn’t allow my energy to go there.

In fact I breathed through the incidents and recognised them as lessons.

What lessons? I came up with a few:

Patience – I had no control over the situations. So I learnt a lot of patience.

Remaining judgement free – this was a tough one. But really, I don’t know what goes on in peoples lives (or in their past) and what defines them and makes them lash out. It is not for me to say what they should and shouldn’t do.

Teaching my kid that not everyone is nice in this world – we try to protect our kids but sometimes we can’t and they need to see this.

I am sure there are more lessons around this. And even writing this out has made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

Allowing myself to give energy to them was tiring. Allowing their negativity to infiltrate my thoughts meant that that I had to be super-aware of my self-talk.

Now of course this is just one thing going on in my life and I am sure (just like you) that something like this has happened to you (or currently is).

I think the gold in this message is that no-one has the power to MAKE you FEEL anything. YOU have this control. No-one can MAKE you do anything. YOU have the choice.

In this case, I am glad that I walked away.

Emma x

p.s I also believe in karma. 😉

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