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3rd February – 2nd March 2020

After the amazing success of the FREE  7 day journalling group this month and last year…we are going a step deeper!

In this group, we journalled daily on subjects that really…just skimmed over what really needed to be asked (and delved into).

So we are! Going deeper, I mean 😝

Your soul knows that there is a message that needs to be shared…and by delving we will find it together. Over the 4 weeks from 18/11-13/12, we will be doing exactly this!

Journalling and having a coach has changed my life significantly. Over the last decade, I have created a life I only used to dream about. I have manifested opportunities, money and most importantly…realised who I am and my value to the world. From being a single mum with a 5 year old walking out of an awful marriage to running a successful business with 6 income streams and writing 11 books…’writing out my reality’ has gotten me through good and bad times, plus made me a fantastic mother and awesome business owner. When my life felt out of control, having accountability and direction with a coach gave me the strength I never knew I needed. I felt loved, supported and cheered on. I still have coaches to this day and can’t imagine life without this kind of support. They push me in a good way, hold the space for me when I need it, call me out on my BS and allow me to realise that I am worth it.

Over the 4 weeks we have together, we will cover a variety of topics:

⚡️Journalling (next level)

⚡️Manifestation (the mother f*cking amazeballs version)

⚡️Uplevelling areas of your life

⚡️Creating routines and rituals that lift and inspire you

⚡️Neuroscience, the brain and WHY you do the sh*t you do on a physiological level…thus creating awareness and leading to change at the pace you want

The program will have:

✅2 x weekly LIVE journalling sessions

✅LIVE group coaching sessions

✅Deeper level journal prompts and recordings you can keep

✅Personalised access to me via Voxer – this is a bit like a walkie-talkie. We will be able to message each other back and forth throughout the program

The earlybird pricing (until 20/01) is just $333AUD for the whole thing. Plus you get to keep all the content FOREVER! Then it goes up to $444AUD. Click the below button to register now! 



🎯However – if you want the VIFP (you can guess what the F stands for…!) version🎯

You get all of the above, but also 1:1 sessions with me to kick your butt even more!

You will get 4 x sessions with me over the week…plus a BONUS physical gift posted to your place!

All this – for only $777AUD! Which is stupid because my normal 1:1 coaching sessions are $300 a session, and the resources you will get are yours to keep. Oh, and the 1:1 sessions will blow your mind and take you to places you never thought were imaginable!


The VIFP level of this program is only through an interview process – as I never want to waste anyone’s time or money. If this is for you – you will know it in your gut. You will know it in your heart. You will know.

So pick below!

🌸Very important update 🌸

When you purchase a place in this course – you are agreeing for this to include a spot for someone else who needs to do this….but doesn’t have the financial capacity to do so.

You pay the program fee of $333 (earlybird) or $444 and this automatically offers a space to someone in the LWI Scholarship Program.

Essentially you are ‘paying it forward’ to enable someone else to access this program if they are experiencing hardship.

How does this work?

The LWI Scholarship Program is designed to help others and share the love. You purchase a place in this course, and someone else can join.

They will need to fill in an application form (below) and each case will be looked at on an individual basis. These individuals, once approved will enter the private Facebook group as regular participant.

If you know of someone who would benefit from being part of the LWI Scholarship Program, please share this information with them.

Application form – click here

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Note: When you click VIFP you will be directed to send an email – this is via application only