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Make your own path

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Make your own path

So I have a sign at my place that says ‘Make your own path’.

Its been on my shelf for about 12 months now.

Its funny that sometimes you don’t notice something that has been staring at you for a long time hey?

Its also funny that in theory these kind of motivational sayings are great – but can they be true?

Have a look around you. What pictures/photos do you have in your home or workplace that you had for a while but not actually ‘noticed’? You know what I mean.

Anyway, back to the story.

You can make your own path.

Yes you will get scared and sh*t yourself.

Make your own path by modelling others who have done similar.

Make your own path by getting accountable.

Make your own path by being open to effin’ it up.

You will eff’ it up. Get over that one.


Make your own path by learning. Then teaching what you learn.

Make your own path by stepping up and taking action.

Know the direction you are heading in. You don’t need to know the destination.

Let go of the outcome and know that its the journey that counts.

Have an idea of the path.

I still have NO IDEA AT ALL where I am heading and I am ok with that. In fact I am enjoying the ‘not knowing’.

You will NOT know where you will end up. And that’s ok.

Allow flexibility and letting go of all expectations will help. Yet you are still on your path.

Allow the ‘mystery’ to be fun and exciting.

Allow the ‘not knowing’ to be joyful.

Get pumped about the ‘downs’ knowing that the up is coming. Yep that is a strange concept to get in your head and yet it makes the ‘downs’ last for shorter periods of time.

Manage your state, be aware of your emotions and know that you are in the drivers seat.

Let that sh*t go.

That’s it.




Off you go. Get back on your path and JFDI.

Emma xx

Author, coach, mentor & mum

I am taking just 3 people for 1:1 coaching who are ready to make the next step in improving their lives. This is what we will be covering (amongst other things!)

💋 Getting clear about why you’re not there yet

💋 What is the work you’ve not been doing?

💋 What is the BS you’ve been telling yourselves about how you have to put up with sh*t?

💋 What have you been hiding from?

💋 We will go through your daily routines and establish what is and isn’t working

💋 We will delve in deep about WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK and remove that BS for good

Plus much much more!

How will you work with me?

👊 2 x 90 min phone/skype sessions over 4 weeks plus 2 x 35 min phone/skype sessions per week for extra accountability

👊 Day to day access to PM/email so I can help you in any way I can – again over 4 weeks

What can you expect as a result?

💜 You getting your sh*t done on a higher level

💜 More time and more energy

💜 More focus and clarity

💜 Purpose and confidence in your life

💜 You will stop doing sh*t that holds you back and that you don’t want to do


$699AUD or 3 payments of $245AUD

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I’ll be honest, I will interview you and find that you are not ready, you will get a refund. My clients are READY to roll up their sleeves and take no mercy. xx

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