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Making decisions using HALT – Hungry, angry, lonely and tired

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Making decisions using HALT – Hungry, angry, lonely and tired

You know when you find something that really resonates with you, and you want to share it?

Well, I have a beauty for you.

It’s called H.A.L.T. So, allow me to me explain…

HALT is a fabulous acronym that allows you to stop (momentarily) and evaluate your self-care, physical being and mental state. Paying attention to your state is super useful!


Cos’ I can guarantee that you may not always say the right thing, do the right (or better) thing and your reaction could be vastly different after you have paid attention to HALT.

So, let’s get into it!

HALT stands for :

H – Hungry

We all know someone who get’s hangry (my hand goes up here), and we know that after a bite to eat, these people’s personalities nearly do a 180-degree turn.

When we are hungry, we can be confused and irritable. Did you know that your brain is an energy hog? 20-25% of our daily food intake is used by the brain, which is why you can often feel exhausted by thinking alone.

You can make mistakes with concentration, decision-making, and this leads to more emotions that can be alleviated by a bloody banana! If a person is not giving their body the fuel that it needs, they will not respond to life’s challenges appropriately. And let’s remember our hormone levels change with the food we eat.

This all might sound a bit basic. But it’s vital. Sort out your blood sugar before jumping into an argument next time…

Feeling confused? Irritable? Check-in and see if you need to eat first.

A – Angry

Angry doesn’t need to be rage or a lash-out. It can be fear and hurt. When we are feeling these emotions, we can be tender to criticism and other people’s reactions (we even make up what people are thinking…).

Holding in fear will lead to more anger, resentment and irritability. So ask yourself the question – What is really bothering me? What can I do about this?

L – Lonely

In a time where we are seemingly more connected than ever – loneliness is a real thing. And yes, you can even feel lonely in a relationship. Feeling this disconnect can lead to self-destructive habits and decisions.

When was the last time you reached out to someone? Being alone is a self-imposed situation, and you can change it. Go for a walk, call a friend, visit a loved one or do some errands.

T – Tired

No-one made a great decision when they were super tired. Wouldn’t you agree?

A rough nights sleep or an accumulation of sleepless nights can take a massive toll on our mental, and physical state. This is why removing sleep is a form of torture. Our brains simply can’t cope!

Do you need a nap or an early night? You need to recharge your body to keep it going. So, check-in with yourself – am I tired?

Using the HALT system is a necessary check-in for your mind and body, what do you think?

I am thinking this would be an excellent tattoo to get for a lot of people! Haha

Emma x

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