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No luck.

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No luck.

So I am sitting in the Dymocks bookstore in George St, Sydney typing this with a big grin on my face. (For those of you who don’t know what Dymocks is…its probably the biggest book store chain in Oz). And Sydney is its largest store.

Why am I grinning?

Well, if you have been following my journey, my book ‘The 7 secrets to getting sh*t done’ came out less that 6 days ago and its already in the Wollongong Dymocks shop plus other businesses locally.

But this isn’t why I am grinning.

Sure I am stoked and over the moon – but in saying that…I knew this would happen.

I worked hard getting the book done and printed. I worked hard to get it out on social media (still am) and I am proud of what I have achieved so far.

I envisioned it all. Truly.

I visualised my book on the bookshelves in the shops. I even made a ‘mock-up’ of the book before it was even written! I would hold it in my hands and ‘feel’ what it was like to ‘have’ it finished. I could ‘see’ it selling out. And its happening.

I am grinning because I have the power to decide my future.

When you have faith in your message – things do happen.

This morning I jumped in the car with two things on my ‘to-do’ list. I wanted to get my book into Ariel Book Store on Oxford St, Paddington and in Dymocks on George St. I didn’t worry ‘how’ I would do this. I was just clear on my intent and have faith that it was possible.

So I drove 90 mins, listened to the radio and followed the GPS. I saw the shop and there was a park outside (unheard of apparently). I walked into the shop with a big smile on my face and introduced myself, the lady who said hello was in fact the ‘buyer’ and within 5 mins she said yes. She bought the books on the spot and I was out within 15 mins.

Easy? You betcha!


I don’t think so.

I am not lucky. I am clear on my intent, my goal and my purpose. This didn’t just ‘happen’ if you get what I mean.

‘Being clear’ is one of the secrets in my book. How can you get what you want without knowing what it is? Having a rough-clue of what you want isn’t good enough either. You have to be crystal clear. If you can’t do that – get help, get inspiration or work out what is stopping you. I’ll give you a clue…its probably you.

I was clear on my intent today. To get my book into Ariel, Dymocks and another in Newtown. That has been achieved.

Location update: I am now in Ikea enjoying some lunch before heading home for ‘mum’ duties and finishing this post.

Yes you can really have it all peeps.

You just gotta be clear, have faith and JFDI.

Luck is not required.


Emma xx

P.S First print run is nearly sold out. Get your copy today www.secretstogettingshitdone.com or you will be on a wait-list. OR drop into Ariel Book in Sydney, Dymocks, Bliss Hair Spa or POD in Wollongong. 🙂




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