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Past Life Regression

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Past life regression hypnosis

Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of therapy involving the exploration and understanding of past life activities and decisions. Past life regression is used by people who want to recall their past lives, be this on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Based on hypnotherapy, past life regression has increasingly become popular over the years as an insightful and valuable therapy for people who wish to have a better understanding about their place in this world.

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In your past life hypnosis session – we will be heading down into your past lives. We will tap into the gifts there and bring them back to this realm.

With most past life regression sessions, there can be trauma and we will deal with that if/when it comes up – but the main focus is to focus on the good stuff. In your past lives there were many that were successful, so why not bring those gifts into today’s life?

OR you can use this session for an adventure into what you did and how you left – the choice is yours!

This special deal of $199 is only available for a limited time – it will go up to $399 in 2022.

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