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Self-Care, back to basics – water

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Self-Care, back to basics – water

When I started this blog, I thought to myself, ‘have I written about this before?’. So I went to my blog page and searched for ‘basics’…. and yes, sure enough – there was a lot!

I did kinda feel like I was repeating myself on the ol’ self-care chat.

But that’s the point, isn’t it?

This self-care idea is never-ending.

This is the only body we have in this lifetime.
Yes. The ONLY one.
This is it.
We don’t have a choice in the matter.

The same goes for our brain/mind. It’s the only flippin’ one we get!


Yeh, yeh, I know you are thinking, ‘Emma, I am trying!’. But I will call it as I see it.

You are trying and not doing.

What did Yoda say? “Do or do not. There is no try”.

Yes. That.

Do it. Or do not.

Look after yourself.

How? I hear you ask?

Start with the actual basics. Water, breathing and sleep. And guess what? These are all FREE!

This week I will start with the water concept.

Feeling tired? Drink a glass of water.
Feeling sluggish? Drink a glass of water.
Got brain fog? Drink a glass of water.
Got a headache? Drink a glass of water.
Been working out? Drink more than a glass of water.
Been outside for a while? Drink a glass of water.
Just woke up? Drink a glass of water.
Had a drink of alcohol? Drink a glass of water.
Feel ‘off’? Drink a glass of water.
Haven’t pooped properly? Drink a glass of water.

Are you getting the point?

The stats are worrying.
Do you know that over 60% of our body is made of water?
Only 35% of adults drink enough water! #wtf

Recently, a study of 393 people found that 40% of the participants experienced a headache due to dehydration. Who wants a headache? Not I! We need to drink water!

So, yes, you know you should. But you don’t. Why? You forget.

I know, I, too, have been there. But it’s such a simple thing with such great benefits.

Pop an alarm on your phone to remind you.
Get a massive 2-litre bottle and mark it where you need to be at a particular time.
Or start telling yourself a new story about your essential self-care.

This, my friend, is where we are starting—the very basics of looking after yourself.

Lucky for you, I have a hypnotherapy audio that comes out this week that will train your brain to want to drink more water. #hypnotherapyworks

Then we will keep going on this basic idea.

Emma x

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