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*New Kids On The Block* – Step by Step (ooooh baby!)

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*New Kids On The Block* – Step by Step (ooooh baby!)

I have no shame in admitting that in the early years of my life, I was swept up in the NKOTB craze. Those five boys from Boston (I bet you say ‘Boston’ as I do in my head?) set emotions off and I was hooked by the dancing, their good looks and those catchy sound lyrics.

So, given that we know that our brains are creating identities based around our environment in our early teens, I reckon their songs had an even more significant effect on me (and you too) than first realised.

Thus, the reason for today’s blog! And possibly more to come…

Step by step (yes, I will keep saying oooooh baby when I say this!)

This was one of my faves!

Creating our lives and businesses step by step is the only way to build solid foundations. Yet, I know many people want to jump ahead and miss some steps! Patience is essential, of course, but also having the vision of what you want to create is VITAL.

REALLY inject emotion into that vision…what are you seeing? What are you feeling? What can you taste or even smell…yes…use of your brain’s modalities to further enhance this vision.

Then work your way backwards. You can create the steps you need to take to move forward in this direction.

Does the vision feel too far out of reach?

That’s ok, just chunk this vision down into smaller pieces. And continue with the same process.


Your vision could be that you want flexibility or freedom in your work life. You dream of a new career or a business – yet you can’t seem to see past the fact that you have responsibilities and a mortgage to pay. This is a block for you and prevents you from creating a compelling vision. And this is totes ok.

You could chunk this down into a few pieces. Maybe you need to re-train or study/take a course to change this. Perhaps then, just focus on how you would feel, what you would see and taste etc. on the finishing this part.

Then move onto to the next chunk (vision) and all the while still focusing on the long term vision. Vision boards are great for this. I usually do mine every six months as my brain likes to focus on six-month blocks. But you can do whatever feels right for you.

Taking a step forward every day for one year means 365 steps closer to your vision in just 12 months.

Step by step, you can get there. Remember that.

Oooooh, baby.

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