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The click

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The click

Do you ever feel a ‘click’ in your mind and body when you just ‘decide’ that something needs to change or WILL change?

No? Ok, keep reading…I think you might benefit from reading this blog.

I had this click over the weekend. It was like something in my body fell into place – and so many things made sense.

It created clarity.
It created a clear direction on what to do next.
It created a purpose.
It created a vision.
It felt congruent.
It was an ‘ahhhhh’ emotionally and consciously.

Flippin’ awesome. Let me tell you!

So, if you are thinking to yourself, ‘I want what she’s having…’ and no, not in a Harry met Sally way….hahaha, Allow me to help you out a bit.

For the most part, many people are allowing life to ‘happen’ to them. Letting outside circumstances drive their decisions and actions. This leads to feeling a tad bit of control and perhaps a bit of ‘f*ck, where am I heading?’ vibes. #getme?

When you sit in this state, you can definitely feel like there is no clear direction of where you are heading. You may have some vague idea…but it’s not very clear. So it can be super frustrating, tiring, and, let’s face it – depressing.

So, what if you decided that life was within YOUR control? That you get to make the decisions on where you are headed instead? Sound scary? Well, yes, it could be – but what if you told yourself this was an opportunity instead? This simple reframe might be all you need. And yes, I get that we are wired for negativity (to keep us alive and all that caveman stuff) but start to be conscious of what you are saying to yourself. Is it fear? Or is it excitement?

What could you decide to do?
What could you create?
What change could occur?
What if you took the reins and looked forward instead of breaking your neck looking into the past?
What if?

Many years ago, I realised that I got to choose what I do, who I hang out with, how I make money, and my outlook. Sounds simple and obvious.


Are you doing this? Are you choosing what’s good for you? Rather than good for others?

I get that everyone is different and probably has different views than me, but I also know that we are fundamentally the same. So my friend, what are you going to do?

You know where I am if you need a hand.
Emma x

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