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The Ego – Part 3

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The Ego – Part 3

Check out your ego! (Part 3)

So, ways of successfully satisfying your ego (so it can work brilliantly into the version of you that you want to be…) is to do one important thing.

* The universe says YES to to every request we make. When we ask for something in life, it is given to us exactly as we have asked for it. This is fantastic provided we have the thinking and choosing in what we want to do in life…BUT! We haven’t been taught to construct things in terms of what we WANT. It’s more likely that we were shown how to highlight what is NOT required and what isn’t working well.

So how to change this?

Make sure that everything you instruct from within is in positive terms. Your brain then ignores the negative construction and take this as the thing that you are asking for.

Example: Looking for love? You could say ‘I am choosing love in my life’. If you were to say ‘I don’t want to be lonely anymore’, the universe would take this an instruction about loneliness and would go ahead creating more aspects of loneliness…

Make sense? What else could you say?

Instead of ‘I don’t want to be fat anymore’, say ‘I choose to be healthy, strong and vibrant’.

Now if you have been reading my posts recently, I am not talking about ‘speaking positively’…. we can say ‘there are no weeds in my garden, there are no weeds in my garden’ and they magically disappear! NO this needs ACTION. Words without action are useless. BUT in this case we are talking with your EGO.

So choose your words (internally too) carefully. 

So, if you need a hand on any of this or another issue…gimme a yell!
Emma xx

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