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Too busy.

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Too busy.

Gosh all I hear at the moment is:

‘I’m busy, so I can’t…’

‘I am too busy’

‘I am so busy that…’


Are you using that word a lot?

I know I do have have days of it too… so this blog is actually to help ME.

But if it helps you in the meantime I’ll be a happy bunny.

The dictionary says…


1. actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime

2. not at leisure; otherwise engaged

 Not at leisure. Hmmmm. I know I can be busy chilling out, can you?
Well I have decided that being busy is so 2009.
There I have said it.
Its old. Its tiring. Its exhausting. Its unproductive.
I know people who wear it like a badge. Like they are super proud of being busy.
I’ll be honest, I know its made me feel important…I’ll wager that its the same for you too?
Multitasking and being too busy means that mistakes can be made. Now that’s not to say that I am not the queen of getting sh*t done – because I am. But  its because I’ll often set a timer for 25 mins and focus on that one task. No phone, no emails…single focus. That gets sh*t done peeps!
Being mindful, focusing and prioritising stops the ‘busy’ and makes it manageable. Because if we are so busy, busy, busy… we can burn out. Feeling tired and exhausted leads to bad food choices, no time for moving and generally not looking after ourselves.
Like I said, it just not fashionable any more. In fact, its actually BORING.
Being busy is boring.
Therefore I have been guilty for being boring. Sorry about that. xx
zzzzzzzzz……..I am even tired writing about it.
See ya
Emma xx
Expert in getting sh*t done, author, mentor, coach & mum
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