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What are you scared of?

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What are you scared of?

So this morning I had to battle with nature. Rats (they are hanging around at the school behind my place) a snake in my neighbours yard and mahoosive spiders. Actually something happens most days in my area even though I don’t live in the bush. Kinda weird. But whilst I get a fright most mornings (I walk like a Dalek down my driveway in the mornings pulling down cobwebs) I am slowly getting used to it.

Which leads me to today’s blog. What are YOU scared of?

And no, I am not referring to spiders or cockroaches here.

What things in life are you scared of?

What are you NOT doing because of fear?

Fear is massive in a lot of peoples lives.

We in fact have three fears in life – Fear of not being loved, fear of being found out and fear of not belonging. I’ll add to that and say creepy-crawlies…lol

These three fears effect EVERY decision we make. Think about it for a moment…

You don’t speak up – because you want to fit in.

You don’t push yourself to your full potential – because of all three fears.

Shall I go on?

This fear of not standing out absolutely shits me. The ‘tall poppy’ syndrome is crazy over here in Australia. I hear it when my kid comes home from school, her teacher telling her or someone else that they can’t do that because of X, Y, Z.  Someone I know drives a Porsche in Sydney who gets his car ‘keyed’. But when he is in New York, people congratulate him and ask him how he got it. What is with that?

You have potential. Remember that.

If see it in me, then you have it in you.

Life is a reflection.

If you can’t find it, talk to someone who can help. A friend or someone who can support you (yes I can help).

You are amazing and you seem to forget it.

What are you scared of?

What is the worst that could happen?

Get out there today and do something that makes you scared.


Chat soon

Emma xx

P.S The first run of the book is sold out!! I am awaiting more being printed…ETA a week from now. So if you want one, there is now a waitlist. Yah!

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