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Why. Not how.

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Why. Not how.

How do I do that thing?

How do I achieve that result?

How do I become…?

How do I…?

What are the steps to…?

What are the secrets to…?

What do I do to…?

Sound familiar?

Why isn’t this working for you?

You collect all that information. All those books. Watch the videos. Purchase the programs. Join that membership.

All to no avail.

You are tired. You don’t know what to do next. You are overwhelmed. You are exhausted from TRYING. You are over it. You can’t see a way out.



I know, I know. Its frustrating isn’t it? Its nearly even embarrassing. I get it.

You know I am writing this to me. But its to you? We are the same.

You are so caught up in the HOW that you have forgotten your WHY.

WHY do you want that body? That health. That figure.

WHY do you want that relationship? That partnership. That support.

WHY do you want that career? That promotion. That sense of achievement.

WHY do you want that income? That pay increase. That success.

WHY do you want that home? That space. That new start.

Start with your WHY. Then work with the HOW. The HOW will come. The HOW will appear when your WHY is clear.

Can’t work it out? Start dreaming. Allow yourself and give yourself permission to dream, to imagine.

What if? What if you knew what your WHY was? What could you achieve?

Perhaps success isn’t in your dreams.

Perhaps that’s why you haven’t gone there yet.

Just a thought….

Whats your WHY?

Emma x

I am a coach, mentor and mum. I get it. I work with your mindset to create your dreams. If you want a chat and are ready to change, send me an email to emma@emmap.com.au today. Or not.

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