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Why you won’t do the work

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Why you won’t do the work

Well… the name ‘work’ sounds yuck already, doesn’t it? But I think you’ll agree that work is hard. Or at least we have been conditioned to think so.

Work is hard.
Work is tough.

And so, by the word ‘work’. What do you think I mean?

The emotional work. The stuff we don’t want to do/face/attend to. It’s so much easier NOT to do it. Don’t you think?

The unpeeling of the layers.
The unravelling of thought processes.
The levels of understanding.
The unveiling of emotions.
Letting go of the old shit.
Allowing new experiences, emotions and understanding in.

It’s fucking hard, isn’t it?

And my friend, I am with you in saying YES IT IS!

I don’t want to even think about it, let alone go there.
I don’t want to face my soul and reject it because it’s hard.
It’s gruelling.


If you think by doing the ‘work’, you are lifting the lid to Pandora’s box. You are wrong. There is no lid. You are already within the box.

It’s even harder NOT to do the work.
It’s even more taxing NOT to face your fears.
It’s even heavier to avoid it.
It’s living a life of deceit, NOT to face your shit.
It’s looking in the mirror and rejecting your true self.
You are in Pandora’s box. You are, in fact, living in it.

By lifting the lid, you get a peek of the wondrous world of potential out there.
By lifting the heavy, heavy lid…you get to grow your emotional muscles.
By lifting the lid, you let the light in.
You get to grow tall, as you are not squashed inside.
You get to breathe fully.
You get to see.
You get to be the genuine, authentic you.

The ‘how’ behind doing the work you need to do is just putting one foot in front of the other. Start with a book or a video on YouTube. Read an article, seek help. Get accountable.

You’ll find that the expectation versus reality of doing this work is entirely different when you get help from others. The freedom you gain is incredible.

Discipline creates your freedom – this is plastered around my house and reminds me daily that my daily discipline in doing the work, creates the freedom I have in my mind and my life.

So, when do you start?

Emma x

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