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You have the power – part 2

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You have the power – part 2

Right, so you read the last blog around having the power – if you didn’t, head there now!

If you are still querying this on whether you have the power, let’s look at some warning signs on whether your personal power has been depleted…

  1. You complain about things in your life, but don’t change them
  2. You don’t or no longer trust yourself to make the right decisions (you may even let others make decisions for you)
  3. You seek approval from others (even though you know it isn’t good for you)
  4. You avoid conflict and even go out of your way to avoid it
  5. You get cranky, have resentment and often feel like this is bottling up inside of you
  6. You are easily hurt by criticism and fear rejection from others
  7. You don’t feel great about yourself; you feel judged and also judge others
  8. You find yourself easily manipulated by others

Jeeez, it’s a list and a half, isn’t it? 

How do you start to change all of this? 

Firstly by becoming aware of it. Then? Making some changes…bit by bit…how do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece, of course!

Which bit first? I reckon you start with anything personal development-wise. This is how I started; I got myself a life coach and took it from there. They taught me that I had the power inside of me to do this, and the added accountability helped too. In fact, I do find with my clients – it’s often the accountability part of it they enjoy more than the session itself. 

Creating a mindset that is different to where you are is a journey – but you can do it! Progressively and consistently acquiring the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills can help propel you toward your goals.

What are your goals? We will get there in the next blog. 

For now – realise that you have the power inside of you – and you can change anything you put your mind to. 


Emma x

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