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You love the pattern of your life

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You love the pattern of your life

You love the pattern of your life.

Weird statement, I know. You love the pattern of your life? Well, my friend…I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you flippin’ love the patterns of your life.

And yes, even the shitty ones.

Allow me to explain; your habits, behaviours, thoughts or feelings create grooves like a vinyl record in your subconscious mind. These grooves can be positive or negative. But they are there. They play the same and only change when your record gets scratched metaphorically.

This means that your old shitty patterns are repeated. Again. And again. And guess what? Yes, again.

This is why you feel like you are creating the same problem occur again. Also, why you feel you are repeating the same mistake time and time again.

But Emma, you said I love it! I don’t love it…do I?

Sorry, but in a way, you do – otherwise, you’d change. #truth

If a pattern of behaviour doesn’t serve you, you can change. And you can make that change over years, months or in minutes.

In my experience with my clients – change takes minutes. Not years. For example, with a client I had last week, we speeded up at least five years of talk therapy in just 2 hours and made significant changes. It does help that they were more than ready to make the changes too. Cos’ really, we love to stay in the uncomfortable, don’t we? The pain of change (in our minds) is more complicated than the reality of the actual change.

So how can you create change fast? I’d look at all the things keeping you in the same shit pattern first. This can be an extensive list, so get prepared to head down a rabbit hole…or of course, you can seek help. Pick a therapist that suits you – if you are not keen on talking about the past repeatedly, then I can help. I like to think what I do is more about the future than the past.

Why sit in the pain of your past behaviours when you can create change now?

Emma x

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