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I commit.

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I commit.

I commit.

I dropped my daughter off to her 7.15am dance class today and thought about how she is committing to getting up early to do something that she loves – but also knowing that its hard work. (I know this, as she complained about her body hurting all week!). Yet off she skipped to the class happily.


How does that sound to you?

How does that word FEEL to you?

What are you committing to?

Its a question worth asking I reckon. How often do we commit to things these days?

In a world where everything is fast paced, limited and moves quickly...is it harder to commit to things?

Note: I could go into relationship commitments…but that’s another story altogether. For another day perhaps?

So lets use committing to your health for example. Where are you NOT committing there?

BTW its ok if you are – high five to you!

Are you committing to moving daily in some capacity?

Most of us spend a heap of time sitting at our desks, in our cars and on the lounge watching the TV. Is this moving? NO! Perhaps your eyes…but that’s all. Putting it simply – GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND MOVE GODDAMMIT! And when I say move – that means using your heart and lungs to the capacity they were built for. Yes its normal to breathe more heavily and feel your heart racing (unless you are unwell…always check yourself out with a doc please!). But generally speaking your body is amazing – it gets stronger if you move it, your health improves if you look after it. And usually this happens fairly quickly I might add. Even after just a couple of weeks – you WILL see some improvement. And YES you could be sore, and that’s normal too. (Pain, no…again get that checked).

Could you commit? Will you commit?

Is it still a nah…maybe? Ok then – WHY would you need to commit?

On the 7 day challenge I have been running on Facebook – we have been looking at this exact thing. Your WHY.

Without a reason WHY. You will not commit.


So what is your WHY?

I do cover it in my book and you will see me harp on about it a lot – but I make no apologies for it. YOUR WHY IS EFFIN’ IMPORTANT.

Make it juicy, make it emotive and make it MOVE you.

If its not juicy enough – make it juicy. Or call me. I’ll help you on that one. 😉

So back to commitment.

Are you going to commit? If this word is bringing up something for you…what does it mean to you? Discipline? Then is discipline = punishment? I don’t know, it means anything to anyone. My version of discipline could be different to yours.

Delve that bit deeper and see what comes up.

Food for thought I’m sure.

#commitmentisthenewblack I can see a new book title coming…

Chat soon

Emma xx

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