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The Ego – Part 2

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The Ego – Part 2

Check out your ego! (Part 2)

So, be aware of when your ego is working against you. It WILL create endless obstacles to getting things done. It WILL create blocks. It WILL create amnesia…causing you to forget to do the ‘change’ work. It MAY blast you with negative mind chatter which can successfully blow all the good work.

Your ego is your ‘self image’; it is the social face of who you are in the world and its the underlay in the roles you play in your life. It thrives on your public face; it wants to have its control and it wants to be a powerful force. This is contrast to your true self – which is at ease and sits within the laws of nature. Your true self is gentler and understands that it is outside of ego.

The illusion though, is that it can easily feel that it is ‘you’, when its only a part of you that is operating in this way.

Hearing this voice can cause huge confusion and hold you back.

However if you are AWARE of this then you are on the best path to avoid this pitfall. It is then easier to refer to the stronger yet quieter inner voice within.

This is your real connective chord to your intuition and your pathway of truth.

To help you out further on making changes, stay tuned to part 3 of this tomorrow.

Emma x

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